In The Stillness Of City : 104GALERIE

 【Japanese version is below; 日本語は下にあります。】
I’ve always really enjoyed walking alone down the Yamate-dori Street on Ikejiri’s side getting lost in thought. And I’ve been looking at how to bring stillness into my work with the subject, Tokyo and the aesthetic creations going on here and somehow I tend to feel the kind of “stillness” when I am in this neighborhood despite the repeated sounds of engine roaring coming from Metropolitan Expressway, which I think is a really intriguing thing.
104GALERIE on the Yamate-dori Street is a smallish alternative space to exhibit contemporary artwork and to hang out with old & new groups of creative friends, and it is a place where the minimal designs to represent one of this city’s characteristics and some good vibes we feel from vintage films prettily intersect at one point, which is just like when you rewrite things in your imagination into something completely different + new, and somehow I felt an intimate connection with this venue while in there for checking out the photo exhibition held in November, entitled “104“, bringing the works of Takeshi Hanzawa.
-Takeshi Hanzawa “104“, installation view November 2016, photo courtesy of @maikocolors on Instagram
 -Takeshi Hanzawa “104“, installation view November 2016

:: 104GALERIE is open everyday from 12 to 8, except for Wednesdays (New Year Holidays: Dec. 27 – Jan. 6). Upcoming exhibition “Paper Show“, the works by Tetsuya Nagato & ENZO will run through Saturday, December 10th – Sunday, January 15th, 2017.  – More info at:

:: 104GALERIEは毎水曜日、年末年始12月27日(火)~1月6日(金)が休廊日です。

(次回展示) 永戸鉄也 ENZO “Paper Show” 12月10日(土)~2017年1月15日(日)

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