In Relax Mode : Fm (エフマイナー)

【Japanese version is below; 日本語は下にあります。】

Atmosphere, energy, and vibe… the elements in an artist’s work vary depending on where to exhibit, and I always have a curiosity about it because a gallery itself should be a space to shorten the distance between arts and viewers and sometimes to pull away from a certain place.
One day in October, I went to the Daikanyama gallery Fm (called F-minor) for a visit to check Ai Teramoto‘s works, trying to capture how we connect to the world of art :: this little place in an apartment is visually transformed for a few weeks, for a series of exhibitions. I felt like this gallery put me in relax mode — like I was in there as a resident — and I loved it .
Also, Fm has another face, aside from their function as an art gallery. Entitled “Club Fm”, they work as publicity agent for many kinds of business to provide art displays and the opportunity to think how art and any different factors in our everyday life can connect. Since this past spring they, as Club Fm, have worked with NEWoman, the newest shopping complex in Shinjuku, bringing contemporary artists’ works to be displayed in the huge window at the shopping complex’s main entrance. (Displays are periodically updated cooperating with some art galleries) In fact, each work is impressive, and it may be reason enough for you to stroll through Shinjuku.


-The gallery’s entrance; it’s in a little apartment


-Installation view at exhibition “Pilgrims”, Ai Teramoto’s latest show with the gallery 


また、Fmは2つの顔をもっている。アートギャラリーとしていろいろな世代とジャンルの作家の作品を展示する顔、Club Fmとしての商業施設や企業に彩りを添えるアートはどんなものか、折衝し、作品をレンタルする業務の顔。時に、他のアートギャラリーとも協力しながら場所に最適な作品の形を見出し、提供する。記憶に新しいClub Fmの取り組みは、今春オープンした新宿の大型商業施設NEWoman(ニュウマン)のメインエントランスにあるアートウォールで、展示期間を区切りながら、現代美術作家の作品を紹介・販売する内容。新宿の街に、そして商業施設に、彩りを添えるものとして機能するだけでなく、アートの価値についてより良い形で問うことのできるプラットフォームとして機能する。今後のラインナップも、見逃せない。


:: Fm is open Wednesday – Sunday, from 12 to 7, if you’re planning an art gallery hopping day and/or a Tokyo trip. More info about Fm :

:: エフマイナーは月・火曜が休業日です。詳しくはこちらをごらんください。

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