When the Viewing Object Becomes the Visible Object : Sezon Art Gallery

【Japanese version is below; 日本語は下にあります。】

What do you recall thinking of two places, Omotesando and Gaienmae, and that being sandwiched in between the two? The neighborhood described is NOT on the main street but there’s so much to see – independent store mecca!, such as bakery, boutique, bookstore, cafe, interior decorating shop and hair salon – yet you get to see so many people coming and exploring. However, I should also say that I automatically walk down with slow steps while in the area, which is intriguing, because I am basically a fast walker.
Having opened its door for business in this neighborhood since December last year, Sezon Art Gallery breaks new ground in the Tokyo’s creative community with its designing systems (combined with two separate art galleries and a cafe bar – in the three-storied building). The gallery has curated exhibitions of comtemporary artists in many genres once per month so far (offering artist-in-residence program occasionally), and its ongoing exhibition entitled “When the Viewing Object Becomes the Visible Object” reflects various expressions including photography, video installations and drawings, bringing the artworks of Nerhol, Yuji Hamada, Akira Fujimoto and Yoi Kawakubo. We visitors are provided the opportunity to connect all the pieces questioning about what is out of our immediate sights and it’s really fun. You will never lose a moment while at the exhibition.

DSC_1607Installation view at exhibition “When the Viewing Object Becomes the Visible Object” 


Sezon Art Galleryは、その閑静な住宅街・カフェ・ブテイック・ヘアサロンが交互に顔を見せる路地裏に、2015年12月オープンした。3層の建物から成り立ち、地上階と地下2階がアートギャラリー、その間の地下1階がカフェ&バーという内容。どんな天気の日にそこを訪れても足を踏み入れてから自然な形で空間に集中できるのが魅力的。

月に約1回のペースで展覧会が開催されるが、地上階と地下階で同一テーマの展覧会を行うこともあれば、別々で開催される展示もあり、見る人を飽きさせない。それがわたしのこの場所への印象だ。現行の展示「When the Viewing Object Becomes the Visible Object」は、地上階・地下階が連動する展示で、Nerhol(ユニット)、濱田祐史、藤元明、川久保ジョイの作品が並ぶ。それらは、写真・ドローイング・映像の形をとり、既成概念や定義つけられてきた物事を問い直し、それを各人の視界、展望へ新たに変換させる。展示は鑑賞者へ、パズルのピースのように、ゆっくりと多面的により良い世界像はどのように作られるのかと問いかける。それは衝撃的、と同時に、タイムマシーンに乗っていろいろな時間軸や場所に行き来するような戸惑いと興奮に、満ちている。


006-Akira Fujimoto “Fountain”, image courtesy of Sezon Art Gallery

:: Exhibition by Nerhol, Yuji Hamada, Akira Fujimoto and Yoi Kawakubo entitled “When the Viewing Object Becomes the Visible Object” is on view at Sezon Art Gallery, located at 3-6-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku in Tokyo until Sunday, the 23rd of October, 2016.

:: グループ展「見るものが見えるものになるとき」は、Sezon Art Galleryにて10月23日(日)までの会期で開催中。ギャラリー情報はこちらをご覧ください。

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