Create (つくる)

【Japanese version is below; 日本語は下にあります。】

Love you September :: I am happy I am getting back into the writing groove in my favorite month. Apologies for the long blog absence (!! four month silence…), since the past June when I gave birth to a baby girl my life has completely been changed. But thanks to the time I’ve had with my little love — I am now seeing this city and creative world with a different perspective, which is interesting to me.

And I’ve been thinking about the word “create” and its meaning in our everyday life a lot. What, as to the word ‘create’, means a lot to you personally? – for someone that word might mean ‘cook’ or ‘grow a plant’…, and I think the limit of meaning of that word does not exist.  For me, ‘begin motherhood’ is linked to that word and has had much meaning lately. I feel it’s beautiful that phenomenon belongs to us :: Don’t you think people can get away from a pang of loneliness if they know more about how wonderful it – to create something – is and bring out the value in the process of creating?

No doubt that it is that time of year when all the creatives are coming in to this city such as art fairs, art shows, art festivals and fashion weeks, and you could discover the magic of creation endlessly if you’re here. Stop and stare for a bit at this blog when you have time, I still have a deep love for aesthetics and this powerful city Tokyo and am about to add the changing September weather too.


-view from the Meguro-Shinbashi Bridge / 目黒新橋で考え事していたときの眺め



では、「つくる」こととは?ある人にとっては植物を育てることかもしれないし、また、日々の料理かもしれない。(最近のわたしにとっては、妊娠から出産までの過程が「つくる」ことの1つであったかと。) ただ実世界では、「つくる」ことの素晴らしさに気づくきっかけがわからなかったり、飢えている人が多い風潮がある・・・。わたしは、創作の意義を問うこのブログが「つくる」ことの素晴らしさに気づくきっかけを増やすための場所であってほしいと、改めて思います。





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