Images of Light, Suspended in Time : Taishi Hirokawa at tokyoarts gallery

【Japanese version is below; 日本語は下にあります。】

Located right in the middle of Meiji-dori Street that connects Shibuya to Ebisu, tokyoarts gallery has devoted to photography as its central focus to explore the works of contemporary artists both domestically and internationally. Since its inception in 2012, the gallery has tried to share artists’ philosophies though a series of 3 week shows in the gallery and participating several fairs such as Formosa Art Show in Taiwan and fotofever in Paris. And this month, at tokyogallery itself, features an immersive photo exhibition by Taishi Hirokawa, entitled “Images of Light, Suspended in Time” with light providing a key piece.

With artist’s love to capture some intangible things and moments including this, light, you can never get bored of what he tried to show in his work. And what if there’s something bright and glaring in front of you that are seen in nature that are incredible to look at?; you might have a longing, maybe are just blown away and/or something inside of you derived from the beautiful and simple things with fascination. Hirokawa’s works remain the beauty and stillness of nature among the captivating wavering lights and give insights into what goes on in ‘your’ head without an eye on the clock — each work is there as the still images but vibrations that you could feel from his world are like something you receive from a moving image, and I love the vibe.

IMG_20160309_194241Installation view at exhibition “Images of Light, Suspended in Time” 

何か眩いものが目の前にあるとき、私たちはどのような行動をとるのだろう。その眩いものにあこがれるのか、それとも圧倒されるのか、もしくは導かれるのか。そして、眩いものの中でも、光という事象は魔法のようだ — 時間を密接に関係させながら、あたかも非現実の世界に連れ込む強さを同時に持つ。

今年で4年目を迎える、写真を中心とした現代美術作品の展示・宣伝に努めるギャラリー、tokyoarts gallery。渋谷と恵比寿のちょうど真ん中に位置するその展示空間での現行の展覧会、広川泰士氏展「光の時像」ではそれらを体感・吸収できる時間に満ちていて、静止画に対する意識はあっという間にどこかへ消えてしまう。光を捉える間に動画のような躍動感や大地が振動するような瞬間を思い起こさせる広川氏の世界観に、思わず、わたしは足どりがどんどんゆっくりになるのを感じた。


1.jpg-Installation view at exhibition “Images of Light, Suspended in Time” 

2-Installation view at exhibition “Images of Light, Suspended in Time” 

:: Taishi Hirokawa’s exhibition “Images of Light, Suspended in Time” is on view at tokyoarts gallery, located at 2-23-8 Higashi, Shibuya-ku in Tokyo until Thursday the 17th of March, 2016.

:: 広川泰士氏個展「光の時像」は、tokyoarts gallery にて2月17日(木)までの会期で開催中。ギャラリー情報はこちらを、アーティスト情報はこちらをご覧ください。


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