Totality and Detail : Masaki Matsushita

【Japanese version is below; 日本語は下にあります。】

Gallery Kitai is a great platform for not only established artists but also underpresented and overlooked artists. For about twenty years they have focused on the works of Japanese artists belonged to many different genres to promote through exhibitions at the gallery space located in Kita ward, participating several domestic/international art fairs and setting up positive relationships to other galleries, studios and art events to effectively share ideas.
In addition to those practices, the gallery’s focus on the interaction between the international art and design industries is really intriguing. Started with exhibiting at LINEART 2000, the annual international art fair taken place in Gent, Belgium, their efforts in recent years such as cultural exchange programs cooperating with galleries, directors and curators in Belgium, Finland, Argentina and Germany provide a chance to look closely at knowledge and artistic practices of each country that many people don’t already know very well; leaving a dialogical impression in many ways, it is all exciting and great for both audiences and those who make art to detect a connecting thread to fresh perspectives on arts of Japan from multicultural resources.

Now, the gallery’s ongoing collaborative project with Escriba, Matsuki Matsushita’s solo exhibition “Totality and Detail” is a mind-blowing world: with the iconic objects and pictorial figures, Matsushita’s paintings form the crossing angle of his high concern for motion picture and the abundant knowledge regarding coloring process he’s got from previous work experience in the publishing business. Having gotten inspiration from addictive and subtractive color process in ink printing based on the use of three central colors, magenta, cyan and yellow, his acrylic paintings are full of vibrant detail keeping a perfect balance between minimalism and psychedelia. With an array of segmented structures developed by an elaborate calculation to break image into pixels, viewers would enjoy the feeling of ‘vision guidance movement’ that the paintings remain. Depending on how far you are from each work to look at, your visual adaptation to the geometric-ordered painting varies; it’s like what we feel when looking into a kaleidoscope, the time when we get excited for the luminance variation.

IMG_7041 -“Totality and Detail”, installation view, photo courtesy of Gallery Kitai / 松下正己個展「全体と部分」展示風景、画像提供元: 北井画廊

さて今回の投稿の焦点は、北井画廊が2010年より協力関係を構築し定期的に展示の監修をしてきた場所、美術作品を展示する空間を取り入れたレストランEscribaでの、松下正己氏個展「全体と部分(英題:Totality and Detail)」。その世界は、松下氏自身が公私ともに長い間携わってきたサブジェクト、映画、と、出版業界での経験が交差しながら、アイコニックな対象物とともに開拓される。赤(magenta)、青(cyan)、黄(yellow)のインクで印刷物を刷る・・といった、印刷物の色彩表現方法から着想を得た色彩の表現方法。そして、ひとつの画素に含まれる色の割合を分割し、減色混合を繰り返し得た効果的な色識別、色誘導の方法。正方形(その他図形)に画素を区切り、緻密な計算とともに並べられた色たちは鑑賞者の視覚を一気にわしづかみにする。そして、またそのセグメント構造を近距離で、遠距離で、何度も目にすることでで各人は無意識下で分裂した自分の意識がいろいろな方法で焦点を合わせる方法を楽しむことだろう。-MAIKO

IMG_7073 -“Totality and Detail”, installation view, photo courtesy of Gallery Kitai / 松下正己個展「全体と部分」展示風景、画像提供元: 北井画廊

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE -“Three Types of Ambiguity”, 2015, Image courtesy of Gallery Kitai / 画像提供元: 北井画廊

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE -“Mandala-2”, 2012, Image courtesy of Gallery Kitai / 画像提供元: 北井画廊

05_Eye_1974 -“Eye“, 1974, Image courtesy of Gallery Kitai / 画像提供元: 北井画廊

: Curated by Gallery Kitai, Masaki Matsushita’s solo exhibition “Totality and Detail” is on view at restaurant Escriba , located at 2-2-12 Azabudai, on the rooftop of Miki Building, Minato-ku in Tokyo until Friday the 28th of August, 2015.

松下正己個展「全体と部分」は、Escriba(定期的に美術作品の展示を行なうレストランです)にて8月28日(金)までの会期で開催中。開催地情報はこちら、監修ギャラリー情報はこちら をご覧ください。

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