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【Japanese version is below; 日本語は下にあります。】

So my obsession/deep fascination with socks. (And I need to mention the fact that Maiko Colors’ long-term readers and my work friends have already known well how passionate I am about socks…) As someone gets excited when she thinks of her pedis and open toe sandal to style in the middle of the summer, I am happy about so many choices of fun, fancy yet practical socks in Tokyo and that summer is the best time to make socks stand out on the street.

My go-to-place is art galleries and events to get some ideas from the philosophy of artists and to share inspiration with Tokyo creative community, but I always ask myself subconsciously ::: not only for blog but for pursuit of quality of life. The potential of art is everywhere and there is a dialogue. To become captivated by the ever-changing skyscape. To hope to have plants and/or nurture a garden in/around your living space. To think about how you have a room decorated, maybe with your favorite picture, painting, illustration, antique, book, jewel or cards from those whom you love. Aesthetic creation is accessible to each one of us as far as I’m concerned — it depends on how you look at things. In the meanwhile, I am intrigued by the intersection of fashion and art. And the Japan-based sock company Tabio has brought awareness to a subject that I at Maiko Colors feel needed to be addressed.

Having stuck to Japan-made product in manufacturing for more than 40 years, Tabio is currently selling their merchandise in Tokyo, London and Paris as the headquarters of all types of hosiery. And you’ll see that beautiful things were created when different structures and disciplines collided onto the surface of socks created along with a collaborative project, TabioARTS, with many Japanese artists belonged to different genres including painter Kotatsu Iwata, illustrator/painter Yusuke Hanai and fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto, which was launched in early 2013. With each artist’s attempt in suggesting a new direction and multifaceted perspectives, the collaborative project guides their individual world using ‘socks’ as a medium of the idea of representation, and a lot of people that wear the socks, the collaborative works, can get the ideas of contemporary artists on a direct and intimate level covering your skin. Moreover, since last year, the TabioARTS has gone to another collaboration with Able Art Company, a company built from three non-profit art organization in Japan to legally/validly protect and promote physically challenged artists’ notable copyrighted works. The TabioARTS collection lets my imagination fly and I will be making another summer plan with my funky steps soon ::: How’s summer treating you? -MAIKO


じゃあ、より密接に充足感と新しい美的感覚を得られる「創造物」の可能性とは?— TabioARTSが、その手がかりとなり得る。
東京、パリ、ロンドンに販売拠点をもつ日本製にこだわる日本の靴下メーカー、タビオ(Tabio)の展開するレーベルTabioARTSは、まさに、アートが個人の暮らしと密接する方法についての有意義な時間をもたらすプラットフォーム。2013年SSをスタートとしてこのプロジェクトTabioARTSは、ファッションデザイナー山本寛斎氏、画家 岩田小龍氏、イラストレーター/画家 花井祐介氏をはじめとする日本文化にゆかりのあるアーティストをジャンル問わずゲストに迎え、アーティスト各自のグラフィックデザイン・写真・イラストレーションなど、いろいろな形のアートフォームを靴下と融合させてきた。また、2014年からは障害のある方の美術作品が、正当な方法で社会へ参画するための振興や販売促進活動、そしてその著作権管理の窓口を務める団体Able Art Companyの連携によるTabioARTS×Able Art Companyと題したコレクションを打ち出し、靴下を媒介に多角的な視点で創作の意義と創作物が個人の生活に与える可能性の関係性について追求・開拓をし続ける。

tabioarts1 -’15 SS TabioARTS ×Able Art Company socks, ’07 SS tricot Comme des Garcons shorts & ’13-14 AW Frapbois wedge

Tabio’s company website;
For inquiries, contact via email;

TabioについてはこちらTabioARTSについてはこちらをご覧ください。また、直接の問い合わせをご希望される際には、 までお願いいたします。

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