You, Me, Us and Them : ATSUKOBAROUH arts drinks talk

【Japanese version is below; 日本語は下にあります。】

Having had their grand opening in early summer 2013, ATSUKOBAROUH arts drinks talk has continued to attract individuals in a wide age range, including artists and the audience. Located on the fifth floor of the Crossroad Building in Shoto, the upscale residential district of Shibuya, the alternative space gives us a chance to rethink about the real world we live in: You are amazed at how many people come and go in every direction on a busy Shibuya street looking down from the windows and find/grope artists’ expressions to discuss later from the works hanging on the all-white multi-layered walls. Everything comes at once, in amusing and relaxed ways.

With SARAVAH, one of the oldest independent music labels in Europe, Ms. Atsuko Barouh has established a platform to promote all-round musical talents presiding over L’Amusée, her music production company since 2002. And what has the powerful eastern Japan earthquake in 2011 brought about to her? — Her focus on art also converged in her business at L’Amusée taking an intriguing approach: This is how the alternative space “ATSUKOBAROUH arts drinks talk” began. She scouts Japan, France, and other countries for new and remarkable talent for the space and holds art exhibitions (both short and long term events). Also, the adjoining bar space reflects the ideas that she wants for this space to be more than just a gallery and/or a museum — pointing out how important ‘the effective platform’ is to link a position of the viewer’s perspective and a chance that each one of us share something, whatever thoughts we individually input from the space viewing or our everyday life, together with countless people gathering to the space to bring out many more perspectives — by day and night, enjoying a glass of vino.

For ATSUKOBAROUH arts drinks talk, 2015 has been an extremely busy year so far. Besides the everyday practice at the Shoto location, they have carried out large projects scouting out several generations of artists domestically and internationally: Their first Artist-in-Residency program in February in partnership with Institut Francais Tokyo featuring French visual artist Olivier Ratsi, exhibiting at Art Fair Tokyo 2015 in March and traveling in Taipei for Young Art Taipei 2015 (Taipei Contemporary Hotel Art Fair). They are really engaged with contemporary artists and a deep history of each artist’s particular practice to generate further ideas.

Also, the ongoing exhibition “NOMATA and TAGAMI” displayed at the Shoto location is a sight to be seen. Nomata’s elaborated and delicate brushwork gathered from his 1988’s edition such as watercolor on lithograph and crayon, charcoal and pastel on paperboard, and Tagami’s bold use of several different kinds of mediums such as Chinese ink, crayon, pencil drawing and mixed media we can explore into his works gathered from the 1991’s edition. The two independent aesthetic expressions strangely co-exist in one space to enjoy the intriguing contrast.

nomata whole a

2013年6月のグランドオープン以来、無限大のエネルギーをもたらす松濤のオルタナティブスペース、ATSUKOBAROUH arts drinks talk。Bunkamura横のクロスロードビル5階にあるその空間は、自分が現実の世界に生きていることをゆっくりと、そして自分に好ましい方法で、知覚することができる。窓から見下ろす渋谷地上のコンクリートと人間模様、見下ろす自分がいる真白な空間にまとめられた個々の時間、価値観。このコントラストがまた、非常に魅力的なのだ。
フランスの音楽インディレーベルSARAVAH (サラヴァ) を軸とし、もともとは音楽を通じて社会への参画活動をしてきた、L’Amusée (ラミュゼ) 主宰のアツコ・バルー氏。彼女にとって2011年の東日本大震災は大きな転機となった。時代を反映しながら生まれる創作物はさらに増え、そして、それはより多くの人と分かち合う必要がある。そのように実感した彼女自身の着手したことが、このオルタナティブスペース「ATSUKOBAROUH arts drinks talk」をL’Amuséeの顔の1つに加えることだった。各個人がアートの可能性に出会うその場所にはバーカウンターが併設され、心地よい温度や距離を保ちながら、コミュニケーションの手段となる「何か」を「誰か」と共有するためのきっかけと可能性を昼夜問わず開拓できる。
ATSUKOBAROUH arts drinks talk の今年の取り組みはさらに興味深い。アンスティチュ・フランセ東京と提携しアーティスト・レジデンスプログラムを初めて実施(2‐3月)、東京アートフェア2015へ出展(3月)、台湾のヤングアート台北2015(Taipei Contemporary Hotel Art Fair)へ出展(4月)と、松濤のロケーションにとどまらない勢力的な活動を続ける。
そして、現在松濤のロケーションで開催中の展示は、緻密で繊細なリトグラフを中心とした空想建築を描く野又穫の1988年以降の作品と、多様な媒介を使用し静かな迫力に満ちた抽象画が印象的なTAGAMIの1991年以降の作品の展示、「 NOMATA and TAGAMI」。2つの全く別の世界が1つの空間に不思議と共存しながら、鑑賞者が各作家の理論を丁寧に感じ取れる空間を、是非体験してほしい。-MAIKO

tagami many a

tagami many b

tagami 1-4

tagami 14-16

tagami 5


-The exhibition “NOMATA and TAGAMI” is on view at ATSUKOBAROUH arts drinks talk, located at 1-29-1 Shoto on the fifth floor of Crossroad Building, Shibuya-ku in Tokyo until Sunday the 17th of May, 2015.

-「野又穫&TAGAMI展」は、ATSUKOBAROUH arts drinks talkにて5月17日(日)までの会期で開催中。入場料: 500円 (1ドリンク込み)。ギャラリー情報はこちらをご覧ください。

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