Along the Walkways : Yasushi Yamauchi

【Japanese version is below; 日本語は下にあります。】

Located in Kichijoji area, where we can enjoy a balance between laid-back atmosphere and the city’s energy, Gallery Face To Face has addressed a broad range of concerns in art to create a platform where creators and viewers efficiently/effectively get to meet and share inspirations in everyday life since its inception in 2008. The gallery currently has an exhibition of new works by painter Yasushi Yamauchi. Entitled “Along the walkways (Japanese: ‘Sampomichi nite’)”, Yamauchi has produced his trick art-inspired creations that are drawn from the pictures of his daily life and the peaceful landscapes he watches from his favorite local walkways reflecting the connection between air pollution and bronchial asthma that he has struggled with for many years in his childhood. The atmosphere there gets alternately stronger and weaker, which is intriguing and I thought the show has so many connotations.
Coordinating the research of molecular structure, Yamauchi has picked up full of intensity reflected from his favorite walkways for a year. The equally-spaced molecular structure seems to have brought a feeling of pressure which evokes a certain distance between viewers and the artwork — in contrast, all the landscapes include objects we normally perceives such as a moving car and a person walking. Those eccentric-cool compositions and colorations highlight moments of lived experience to awaken all of viewers’ senses; it is great to become much more aware of the reality and/or get a chance to take a reflective look through the exhibition.

spring1 Walkway in spring #1 / 春の散歩道

吉祥寺の閑静な住宅街にあるギャラリー、Gallery Face To Face(ギャラリー・フェイス トゥ フェイス)。2008年のオープン以来、デザイン事務所の一角を鑑賞スペースとし、これまでにアーティストと鑑賞者が自由に話せる環境づくりと、アーティストトークを通じた文化交流に力を入れている。そして現在行われている、画家山内康嗣氏の個展「散歩道にて」は、現実と非現実の境のゆがみと揺らぎが交互に生まれるような不思議で、震撼させられる世界観だ。

spring3 Walkway in spring #3 / 春の散歩道

spring4 Walkway in spring #4 / 春の散歩道

summer2 Walkway in summer #2 / 夏の散歩道

summer5 Walkway in summer #5 / 夏の散歩道

autumn3 Walkway in autumn #3/ 秋の散歩道

autumn4 Walkway in autumn #4 / 秋の散歩道

winter2 Walkway in winter #2 / 冬の散歩道

winter3 Walkway in winter #3 / 冬の散歩道

-Yasushi Yamauchi’s exhibition “Sampomichi nite (English: ‘Along the walkways’)” is on view at Gallery Face to Face, located at #101 1-18-8 Kichijoji-minami-cho, Musashino-shi in Tokyo until Sunday the 29th of March, 2015.
More info about Yasushi Yamauchi : (Japanese)

-山内康嗣展「散歩道にて」は、Gallery Face To Face (ギャラリー フェイス トゥ フェイス)にて、3月29日(日)までの会期で開催中。展示情報はこちら、アーティスト情報はこちらをご覧ください。

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