“Manda-la” at Mizuma Art Gallery : Masahiro Usami

【Japanese version is below; 日本語は下にあります。】

When I found information about Photographer Masahiro Usami’s solo exhibition at Mizuma Art Gallery, I felt the urge to check a correlation between the magnificent scale of his creations and the title of exhibition. Thus I went to see the exhibition late last month — the gallery was quiet but intense behind the heavy entrance door with a small viewing window, which was even more appealing to me.
The powerful eastern Japan earthquake in 2011 began to turn Usami’s focus from a personal subject into a giant size to emphasize ‘Japan’s cultural identity’ but he wants for his project to be more than just pictures depicting Japonism. Exploring concept of materiality, such as people, times from their past and that is coming now, and many different locations to put all together, his multi-dimensional world brings out not only cultural attribute attached to the land as to be regarded as a part of it which lead to a new awareness of cultural values in today’s society and but also individual’s view of life and death through each every counter with people he’s had for making — people’s connections, that is closely related to the Buddhist truths, draw attention to ‘relational art’ to be transformed. Here’s an example, when it comes to his piece taken in Fukushima and the people cherry blossom-viewing in the scene, it challenges the viewers to question what is inside and relevant; they, the people, put on protective gear against radiation and nuclear pointing out a threat to the Fukushima-1 plant in contrast to what the landscape of cherry blossom-viewing picnic in spring means to people across the country. The scene has so many connotations.
佐々木さんご夫妻_福島 -USAMI Masahiro
Sasaki Michinori and Sasaki Ruri, Fukushima 2013 / c-type print / (c)USAMI Masahiro, Courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery
佐々木道範 佐々木るり 福島 2013 / タイプC-プリント / ©USAMI Masahiro, Courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery

Also, what remains behind his world is my primary interest in the relationship between society and the artist’s work including the people – object and audience. Upending, resonating in some way with a lot of people, dymamic, and bethinking. The relationship encourages me to pause and think about how our subliminal consciousness, actual experience and discovery of new knowledge are individually intertwined. Although details are being worked out, I got told that Usami is looking to create his collection of photography later on — his future possibilities are a must-check.

早志百合子 -USAMI Masahiro
Hayashi Yuriko, Hiroshima 2014 / c-type print / (c)USAMI Masahiro, Courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery
早志百合子 広島 2014 / タイプC-プリント / ©USAMI Masahiro, Courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery

大塚健_秋葉原_s -USAMI Masahiro
Otsuka Ken, Akihabara, Tokyo 2013 / c-type print / (c)USAMI Masahiro, Courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery
大塚健 秋葉原(東京) 2013 / タイプC-プリント / ©USAMI Masahiro, Courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery

-More info about Masahiro Usami :
Contact Mizuma Art Gallery for any further questions :

写真家、宇佐美雅浩について :

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