The Repeated Truth is Losing the Reality : Akito Nakai

【Japanese version is below; 日本語は下にあります。】

Located in Ryogoku area, Gallery Momo Ryogoku possesses infinite energy in contrast to the comfortable silence in the neighborhood. Since its inception in 2008, the gallery has exhibited works of contemporary artists selected from throughout Japan and overseas, and their exhibitions show the artists (regardless of genre) that embody the spirit and emotion of the times with strong focuses on bringing out the uniqueness and technical beauty in their creations.
Currently Japan-based painter/multimedia artist Akito Nakai’s works are displayed. When I looked at the info about this show along with Nakai’s latest work for the first time, I felt like his world evoked a feeling of floating which makes it seem like I’m packed into a time capsule but don’t even know which era. And in fact, that – the time for stretching my imagination – was shocking yet amusing.
I’ve been interested in collecting a range of minerals and antiques since I was a little kid. I figure my obsession with ‘something transparent’ and ‘the process of collecting’ has influenced my production style in some ways”, said Nakai.
His paintings overturn the fixed image of oil painting with the amazingly beautiful surface. The beauty of objects, viewers’ visual world and values coming from different backgrounds and his approach are intertwined to let the viewer perceive the identity of an object. It was great to see there’s a dialogue between his work and viewers, I believe it is relevant and gives a chance to broaden your own perspectives.

latestThe Ring of Consistency Cannot Exist at
” 無矛盾の輪は同時に存在することができない
-Oil, pin and silver thread on cloth and panel / 油彩、ピン、銀糸、布、パネル,2014 © Akito Nakai, Courtesy of GALLERY MoMo

両国エリアにあるGallery Momo Ryogokuは、その静かな佇まいの中に無限大のエネルギーを持つ。こちらはGallery Momoの2つめのロケーションとして、2008年のオープン以来、若手作家の作品紹介へ力を注いでいる。展示は、ジャンルにはとらわれず主に時代の精神性、感情を表出する作家を紹介し、また、発想のユニークさや技術的な側面にも焦点をあてている。

1Sadness Known Perfectly and Happiness Dream” 知り尽くされた哀しみと幸せな夢
-Oil on panel / 油彩、パネル,2014 © Akito Nakai, Courtesy of GALLERY MoMo

2Four-Dimensional Forest” 四次元の森
-Oil on panel / 油彩、パネル,2014 © Akito Nakai, Courtesy of GALLERY MoMo

6The Repeated Truth is Losing the Reality” 繰り返される真実は現実味を失っていく
-Oil on panel / 油彩、パネル, 2014 © Akito Nakai, Courtesy of GALLERY MoMo

NakaijpgThe Monument of the Flower Blossoms in a Fantasy” 想像に咲く花の記念碑
-Oil on canvas / 油彩、キャンバス, 2014 © Akito Nakai, Courtesy of GALLERY MoMo

iThe Blue Garden Sample” 青庭標本
-Mixed media, 2014 © Akito Nakai, Courtesy of GALLERY MoMo


‐Akito Nakai’s exhibition “The Repeated Truth is Losing the Reality” is on view at Gallery Momo Ryogoku, located at 1-7-15 Kamezawa, Sumida-ku in Tokyo until Saturday the 7th of February, 2015.

-中井章人展「繰り返される真実は現実味を失っていく」は、Gallery Momo Ryogokuにて、2月7日(土)までの会期で開催中。詳しくはこちらをご覧ください。

One comment on “The Repeated Truth is Losing the Reality : Akito Nakai

  1. Beau
    January 13, 2015

    what do you think is depicted in the middle oval it looks like a mind with wings to me.


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