Putting Londoner’s love into my ankle

I just made a toast to America’s birthday on the 4th of July, and confirmed a real summer finally showed up here in New York.

I always think how wonderful summer weather affects many people deeply to become expansive and go out. But at the same time, I consistently have my certain and steady feelings that I want to decorate myself regardless of location and season, in addition to how I play/use my own coloring function. I am quite far from people’s interest in summer environment such as, how to let the body speak, and being concerned about bodylines before/during the summer to wear less and beat the heat.
Also, I have known how nice and fun it is to focus on accessories in summer to show details. So this opportunity associated with D Lo. London, the hosiery company, shouldn’t be missed and I happily feel my sock fever keeps rising as temperatures are soaring.

They started launching their products early this year as an online hosiery brand based in London, England. (Note: they do ship worldwide!)

faye1 (2)


*All images above are from D Lo. London‘s Spring/Summer 2013 collection

And according to D Lo. London , “D Lo., are the product of a husband and wife’s passion for socks. After searching high and low for socks that stopped the clocks and popped the dots, the young couple realised such a combination of quality and vivacity was yet to be. Bringing an abundance of colour, charisma and quality with their vision, the couple created a new brand and breed. Their exclusive collection of electrifying hand drawn designs is stitched for colour that lives beyond print and time. Made with the finest quality mercerised cotton and inspired by the 1900s, D Lo. shines a new light on our ankles.

*Image above is from official website of D Lo. London

I was feeling that D Lo. has a fantastic combination of pure love for socks and something innovative after taking a look at this introduction and the images of their products, but wondered what approach they used to clarify differences to the other hosiery companies. Thus I decided to contact Laila and Shrief Kamel, the founders/designers of D Lo. London; they kindly educated D Lo.’s concept and perspective like the contents I listed below.

Size : One size fits all, they figured D.Lo ’s trademark size after much research, and that indicates their socks are all about individuality, not gender, ages, and person who we are.

Production : Everything is original and handdrawn design. Both designed and manufactured in England where they live mean “to be close to the manufacturing stages whenever they want”. They value and maintain the process because they always find that the other sock companies design their products in their home country, but produce them somewhere else, not in the same country.

Exclusivity & Originality : Every collection is limited in numbers to show give socks owners much confidence and D Lo.’s uniqueness.

More about D Lo.’s company policy : To leave a lasting impression and good quality, they offer their originality ranging from the designs to the packaging that guarantees to be different from the rest.

Literally, I was moved by how they have been dedicated themselves to making hosiery. And soon after that I finally received a pair of socks called “Muriel”.

socks body

box closing

box opened

I completely fell in love with every detail, in addition to the color formation and the concept of D Lo. which I’d already known. The box for item is really considered how products look, which is detail-oriented, neat, elegant, minimal and beautiful. As for fabric, I am more than comfortable with it and I feel like my feet and socks are united after wearing my Muriel… I really think “to know something is to love something” now.



*FREE’S SHOP frilled ivory turtle-neck top, Tsumori Chisato beige tank, Jeanasis pale blue pants and vintage taupe pointy-toed wedge

I confirm D Lo.’s never-ending obssesion for hosiery and what they’ve brought to the premium sock market foster creativity of the individual establishing a trust for consumers. Thanks to the Muriel, my ankles just went on vacation to London gracefully echoing my affection for socks. I can’t wait to see D Lo.‘s next release.

D Lo. London :

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#20months #1y10m #daughter #toddlerlife ・ 娘1歳10か月になりました #もう数日過ぎてますが😅 ・ 娘の月齢が増える間に息子が生まれ、夫は激務 わたしは子ども二人を連れて #プチ里帰り #3駅向こうの実家ですが←えっ #今ぐらい甘えさせて🙏 ・ でもこの期間限定のくらし 人の手が増えることって本当に感謝! 娘は生活の場所が変わったことで 自分にできることを新しく探し #いたずらも含まれます🙊 コミュニケーションの方法が毎日急速に増えている ・ 娘が新しくできるようになったことの中で、 母のお気に入りはこれ: #親ばかですみません🙏 👩「すーちゃん何か飲むー?」 👧「にゅうにゅ!」 👩「なあに❓」 👧「にゅ!👆」(牛乳を指している) ・・・そしてコップに注ぎたがるという流れ そのようにして我が家の牛乳消費量はぐんぐん上がるのでした😂 ・ ひとり増えた子どもとの生活との上手な時間の使い方はまだ見いだせていないわたしですが、 娘の1歳10ヶ月のひとつきも いろいろ楽しみだなー💙 #1歳10ヶ月 #生後22ヶ月 #一姫二太郎ママ #育児記録 #成長記録 #ママライフ #娘 #牛乳大好き
#oshichiya #celebration #7daysafterbirth #namewriting #kanji #japanesecalligraphy just picked two of our favorite kanjis for son's name & wrote on paper to celebrate the safe arrival of baby boy today🖌️ ・ お七夜にあたり、 息子の名前を書きました🖌️ #画数多いね #マミーにも難しいわこりゃ👻 ・ 娘の名前に使っている漢字のひとつ、 「空」、と息子の名前がうまく繋がらないかなと頭をひねっていたわたし 夜が更けていく時間の、深い青の空を 「藍色の空」 と呼ぶのを知って、 息子の名前に是非この字を使いたいと思いました ・ そういえば あいらが産まれた時間は午前5:58分😳 そのときの空は、藍色だったのかな? ・ ・ ・ #お七夜 #命名書 #育児記録 #ママライフ #和の文化を次世代へ #書道 #男の子 #息子 #赤ちゃんのいる生活 #4月生まれ #2018年4月

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